How are SmartBones chews different from rawhide chews?
SmartBones chews have absolutely NO RAWHIDE in them. They are made with wholesome vegetables & REAL chicken. This makes SmartBones chews highly digestible, and highly palatable. They are also enriched with vitamins & minerals…making them much healthier for dogs than any rawhide chew!

How are SmartBones chews made?
SmartBones chews are made using wholesome vegetables including sweet potatoes, peas and carrots, and have an inner layer of irresistible REAL chicken inside.

How did you test the digestibility of SmartBones chews?
It took more than two years of research and development to obtain our unique formulation, ensuring it was highly digestible and highly palatable. We proceeded according to the strict protocols established by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), and conducted detailed studies where we measured digestibility.

How do you know dogs prefer SmartBones chews over traditional chews?
We carried out taste tests with dogs of different breeds and sizes. The dogs were allowed to choose between SmartBones chews and several different competitive dog chews. 90% of the dogs decided SmartBones chews were their favorite!

Why are SmartBones chews vitamin and mineral enriched?
Our SmartBones chews are produced in a food grade facility, which has the capability to enhance formulas with vitamins & minerals. We decided to enrich our SmartBones chews recipe with vitamins and minerals in order to produce a more balanced and nutritious chew…making them better for dogs!

Why is it important for dogs to chew?
Chewing is an essential, healthy and enjoyable activity for dogs. Dog chews help keep teeth clean, jaws strong and are mentally stimulating to help prevent boredom and destructive behavior. SmartBones chews help satisfy a dog’s natural chewing instinct.

Are SmartBones chews patented?
SmartBones chews are so unique that they have several U.S. and International patents.

How does SmartBones assure the highest quality standards?
There is nothing more important than the health and safety of dogs. Therefore, we follow a strict, multi-tier safety process to ensure the highest quality standards. All of our raw materials are thoroughly inspected and analyzed in a sterile environment prior to processing. Once the tested raw materials enter the manufacturing process, we adhere to strict FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) hygiene regulations and manufacturing processes. Before our dog chews leave the manufacturing plant, they are once again tested by our quality control team.

How many SmartBones chews can my dog have each day?
This depends on the size of your dog.  In general, 1 to 2 SmartBones chews per day are appropriate. Please make sure your dog gets the SmartBones chew that is appropriate for its size.

Can I give my puppy SmartBones chews?
SmartBones chews are safe for puppies older than 8 weeks old.  Please remember to supervise your pet during chewing activity and make sure he or she has access to plenty of clean water.

What are the ingredients and nutrition facts of SmartBones chews?
Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis can be found on all SmartBones packaging and on our website in the “Ingredients/Nutrition” sections of each individual product listing. Our formulas are vegetable and chicken based, providing a taste dogs love!

Where can I buy SmartBones chews?
SmartBones chews can be purchased at major retailers throughout the U.S., including Walmart, Target and local grocery and drug stores.

How do I store SmartBones chews?
After opening, reseal in the bag it comes in, or store in an airtight container.