Why no Rawhide?

SmarterBones healthy dog Chews The rawhide dog bone was invented by a man named Fisher in 1961 and proved extremely successful. The rawhide dog-bone market grew consistently for 40 years and nearly 6 of every 10 dogs were being given rawhide bones. In 1997 Mr. Sherrill invented the Dingo Bone. If you don’t already know the story, the Dingo Bone was developed in response to a dog named Dingo, who just didn’t find rawhide appetizing and he would never chew it. Like most dogs, Dingo loved dried chicken breast, so his owner wrapped the dried chicken breast in the rawhide and the rest is history. Obviously, Dingo wasn’t the only dog out there that didn’t like rawhide, especially small dogs who found chewing rawhide a lot of work with not much reward. However, Dingo Chews provided a worthwhile incentive for dogs. The introduction of this new product helped to expand the dog chew market significantly, whereas a decade later, 7 out of 10 dogs are now fed rawhide dog chews.

This was great progress but the people at SmartBones saw this from another point of view. That was, 3 out of 10 dogs, or over 20 million dogs in the USA alone, do not chew any form of rawhide and therefore, do not benefit from the dental-health effects derived from chewing or enjoy the mental stimulation of chewing a good knotted dog bone.

The People at SmartBones had a great deal of experience in the industry and they knew that there was still considerable resistance from many consumers to feeding rawhide to their dog. In fact, many Veterinarians never endorse dogs chewing rawhide because of concerns about the digestibility and potential choking hazards. Many consumers also have concerns about chemicals used to process rawhide and the general lack of regulation in the leather industry. In addition, processing leather for consumption results in a tremendous amount of toxic waste, which has a negative effect on the environment.

The SmartBones team, led by Chief Science Officer Dr. Martin Glinsky, one of the pet industry’s leading animal nutrition experts, developed Dr. Martin Glinski SmarterBone Developer“Veterinarian approved” SmartBones, the newest advancement in the dog chew category, the “Healthy Alternative to Rawhide”. SmartBones
Rawhide Free Flavored Dog ChewsSmartBones is made using extruded, wholesome, grain starch and other vegetables such as Sweet potatoes, carrots and peas, in the place of rawhide and combining it with irresistible dried chicken breast. A recent independent digestibility study found it to be highly digestible (over 99% ), actually exceeding the digestibility of all dog foods. When compared to other leading rawhide chews for palatability, Smartbones was preferred 9 out of 10 times.

Not since Dingo Rawhide was introduced 10 years ago, has there been such an exciting, unique product on the market. SmartBones is so special, that the United States Patent Office granted SmartBones a patent for its healthy combination of a grain-based outer chew and a highly palatable and nutritious dried chicken breast on the inside. We look forward to offering the over 20 million currently deprived dogs, the pleasure of enjoying a Healthy Knotted Dog Bone every day.