Quality Assurance

Our Guarantee:Long Lasting Chew

At PetMatrix, we are committed to providing the healthiest, tastiest, safest pet chews available.

Our Quality Assurance:

We have strict quality control programs to ensure that our factories produce only the highest quality pet products possible.



Quality & Safety...Our Priority

  • Our factories follow strict U.S. quality control protocols, are fully certified and are among the most modern and safest manufacturing facilities IN THE WORLD.
  • Our US-based QC team is intimately involved in assuring quality standards are strictly met in all stages of product manufacturing.


Our Manufacturing Plants...a Reflection of Our Company

  • PetMatrix maintains a fully equipped, state-of-the-art quality assurance labs at all plant facilities.
  • Our products are tested by our in-house laboratories and then by outside FDA certified laboratories to ensure their utmost safety.
  • All raw ingredients are bought from major suppliers and are tested by our QC team prior to being released to production.
  • The chicken in SmartBones is sterilized multiple times during the manufacturing process to ensure no contamination.
  • All PetMatrix products are processed at a temperatures above the point where salmonella is killed.
  • All factory workers are uniformed, gloved and hair netted to prevent contamination at all stages of production.
  • All of our manufacturing contact surfaces are sanitized multiple times daily during cleanup cycles.

Our strict quality control programs ensure ONLY the highest quality pet products possible...

...and that’s something you can count on!